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Eliminate Broker fees,
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Broker Fees
Endless forms
Dead-End Chats


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Manage with Trello

Track all your application
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our Trello dashboard.

Unlimited Team Members

Invite your whole team, request
services, and monitor progress.

Membership Benefits

Perks so good you'll never
need to go anywhere else
for your financing. Seriously.

Request Dashboard

Fast Delivery

Fixed Monthly Rate

Boost Your Credit

Flexible and Scalable

Loan Rebate

Unique and All Yours

Use our dashboard to
manage all your applications
and reports requests.

Financial reports and
requests are delivered
within 2-3 days

No surprises!
Pay the same fixed
price each month.

Access to personal and
business credit tradelines
whenever you need it

Scale up or down
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Zero broker fees
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fees on your loans with us

Each of our services is
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you and is 100% yours

Requests as many
applications and reports.
We will handle one at a time.

Unlimited Requests

Loans, Financial Analysis,
Credit Scores & more

Short-Term Loans

Bridge Loans, Business
Line of Credit, Equipment Loans,
Factoring Loans, Inventory Loans,

Traditional Loans

CRE Loans, SBA Loans,
SBA Loans, USDA Loans,
Margin Loans, Non-Profit

Analysis & Strategy

Business Financial Reports,
Cash Flow Forecasting, Credit Score
Enhancement, Financial Strategy

"Financier Flex got us a great loan
and saved us $40K in closing
costs. This was far more than
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brokers we worked with. They
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quarterly profits by 15%.
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Choose a plan that's right for you

Monthly / $1000

Subscription Plans

Quarterly / $2400

No minimum commitment

What's Included

  • One request at a time

  • Unlimited Loan Applications

  • Unlimited Business KPI Reports

  • Unlimited Access to Personal
    & Business Credit Tradelines

  • No Broker Fees + Loan Rebate

  • Easy credit-card payments

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • One request at a time

  • Includes Monthly plan

  • Includes Customizable KPIs,
    Business Analysis, Scenario
    Planning, & Forecasting Reports

  • No Broker Fees + Loan Rebate

  • Easy credit-card payments

  • Pause or cancel anytime

Refer a friend and earn

Earn 10% monthly recurring
commissions for every referral
you send to Financier Flex.

You earn money every month as

long as your referral stays with us.

Save $200 per month

What's included

Quarterly / $6000

Merchant Cash Advance
Rehab & Rescue Program

  • One request at a time

  • Includes Quarterly Plan

  • In-depth Refinancing Analysis
    and MCA Exit Strategy

  • Access to Specialty Lenders to
    specifically pay off MCA loans

  • No Broker Fees + Loan Rebate

  • Easy credit-card payments

  • Pause or cancel anytime

What's included